Hi, I’m Joan Rose. 
I’m a new member of the NELCE group and happen to live across the street from Ed Blake Park.

It’s definitely time for some updates to this blog.  Thanks to KC for the idea and getting it started, I hope I can keep everyone up to date with the progress.  There has been LOTS of activity in the park since that first report. 

The fences went up (all the way around the park –that’s a lot of fencing) and the big trucks moved in.  Anyone close by will be very familiar with the booms, bangs and beepings of large trucks, early in the morning and all day long.  The kids love to watch them! 

The next step appeared to be leveling the ground.  The graders and diggers went round and round and round digging and leveling over and over again.  The one week dump trucks were coming and going constantly.  I think they were just bringing loads in not taking any away.  The far side of the park has several VERY large piles of dirt.  For a few weeks that was the only action we saw and heard.  The kids thought the giant dirt piles would make great toboggan hills or dirt bike mountains.

What once was a very large grassy field is now……without grass

This is what the field currently looks like

 Finally the construction on the field house began.  It  is beginning to take shape…an odd shape at this point but certainly progressing.

More updates to come as the project continues to grow and develop.