The last few weeks have been rather quiet in the park.   It’s not that they have not been working, there just have not been any large trucks and therefore nothing ‘really’ exciting to take pictures of or write about.   The quiet work has been centered on the field house, quite an interesting building.  There have been lots of people working very hard on this building for many weeks.

It has an interesting angled roof which as they were constructing it looked somewhat odd.  I noticed this evening while I was out walking that the roof has been covered in grass, they actually planted grass on the roof.  I was told this is called a ‘green roof’, I had to do some quick reading about this.  My quick reading said it helps the buildings blend into the natural surroundings, they look nicer, and create habitats for butterflies and small birds.  The green roofs also absorb rain water that would otherwise be runoff.  The vegetation absorbs noise and it also helps regulate air temperatures.  Wow, how’s that for modern and environmental.

This picture was taken a couple of days ago I’ll have to go for another walk tomorrow (with my camera) and take some new pictures.

What got me and my camera out to the park was the return of the noice.  Finally after several weeks of quiet field house building the trucks returned this week.  They weren’t very big trucks and there were only a few of them but they were really noisy.  They were the dirt compacting machines that they use to smooth out areas before they pave or pour concrete (soon I hope).  They smoothed out several circular areas near the field house that will be for the playground and the splashpad and another small area beside the soccer field at the highschool end of the park that isn’t in the plan.   They were also working on some of the pathways. 

Progress is happening…for those of us watching it everyday it seems far…to…slow…but it is starting to look very exciting.