Marijuana and the North East London Community

As Ontario gears up for the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018, the community of North East London is gearing up too, with more dispensaries setting up shop and more clinics taking hold city wide. Now, news has been released that London will among the first group of cities in Ontario to get standalone pot shops as soon as recreational cannabis is legalized on 1st July.

Finding A Location

The Ministry of Finance and the LCBO have got together the identify the first fourteen municipalities to house the LCBO run stores. In south west Ontario, London was added to the list together with Windsor and Kitchener, and while the store locations have not yet been selected, meetings will take place with the selected municipalities over the weeks to come to discuss possible areas. Once a location has been selected, there will be a public notice posted both at the site itself and online, allowing the public the opportunity to ask any questions about the site before the official confirmation is made.

The government have said that they do not intend to house stores close to local schools, but the aim is to provide greater access to marijuana within communities while addressing the illegal markets. There are plans to set up around 150 standalone stores by 2020, with 80 of that number being opened before July 2019. Further municipalities will then be identified as time goes on.

London Leading The Way In Distributing Recreational Marijuana

Ontario holds the honor of being the first province which announced a detailed outline of distributing and selling recreational cannabis, setting the legal purchasing age at 19 years. Legislation was introduced in April by the Federal government with the aim of regulating and legalizing the use of recreational marijuana by 1st July 2018, however individual provinces have been allowed to design a system of distribution for their own use as well as their own regulations regarding usage. Ontario will not be permitting the consumption of cannabis in any workplace or public space and have declared that its use should solely be confined to private homes.

The upshot of this is that London, and its North Eastern community are at the forefront of the new recreational marijuana revolution, and it is already set to have a beneficial effect on the area and its residents. Leading the way in the sale and distribution of cannabis, London’s locals are already seeing the benefits with jobs and industry heading their way, and further economical advantages on the horizon. As new stores are set to open up in the community, it is highly likely that further cannabis-related businesses will also start to set up shop, and opportunities will present themselves for local entrepreneurs who are ready to harness the potential of the burgeoning industry.

Locals will also have a greater breadth of choice when it comes to buying their weed, with the option of going to a local standalone store or of buying online from a company like Green Panther, a Canadian marijuana dispensary.

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